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Welcome from Co-Founder Hal Taussig

The discovery since 1850 of over 100 documents from the first two centuries of the Christ movements is the single most important dimension of the study of the Bible in the last 1,000 years. Works like the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Truth, the Thunder Perfect Mind, and the Letter of Peter to Philip are providing new meaning and new spiritual practice to thousands of people around the country. It is a real privilege to work with a wide variety of people to claim these new texts more deeply through a combination of research, art, spiritual leadership, and education. Here's to the possibilities of many more people joining us at the Tanho Center: to sing new songs, learn Coptic and Syriac, make meaning with these new gospels, and find community through the deeper and broader family of texts from the earliest times of the Christ movements.

Welcome from Co-Founder Natalie Renee Perkins


When I was first introduced to religious texts from outside of our canon, I had a series of emotions. First, confusion: Why don’t I know about these texts? Why aren’t people in my church talking about them? Does my pastor know about them? This confusion was followed by uneasiness. Maybe there’s a reason we don’t know about these texts. Maybe there’s a reason they were lost or left behind. And finally, curiosity. But they were found. Others were talking about God and Christ and they weren’t being heard from.

As someone who works to hear the voice of those who are often silenced, working with these unheard texts felt like an alignment with work in which I was already immersed: Let’s fill in the blanks. Let’s uncover a little more of the pieces of the puzzle. Let’s try to more fully imagine the time period in which our religious materials were first considered and used. Let’s see how all of this information plays in our current context.

That is the work that I find intriguing here at the Tanho Center. Through different contemporary mediums– art, literature, education–-how can we engage this material? As a professional artist and a writer, I specifically utilize the arts–-music, theatre, and film–-to examine these texts. If you find this work fascinating, I hope that you will join us as we continue to uncover and to examine.

Here’s to the work that will emerge from our collective ideas!

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