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Tangent on The Paradox of Audacity: A Womanist Love

“Because of the audacity within her, her thought was not able to be idle…”

~The Secret Revelation of John 10:7

I find that female artists of Neo Soul have taken the Torch Song to new levels of sentimental empowerment. They sing about liberation, healing, dealing with and overcoming heartbreak, and building self-worth. But there is always a song or two on their albums about the need to reconnect with the man they love. There is always a song that says how the need for love is more than just a desire or want; it is a need that makes living necessarily better. This is where the Paradox of Audacity enters the room.

Sophia Wisdom made a lone decision, not just based upon the thought within the thought, but upon the audacity within her that was not able to be idle. The Audacity that made her buck the system, and do what her power gave her the ability to. The Audacity that made her strength beautiful, but caused chaos when she left her partner out of an event he imperatively needed to be a part of. 

How are we using our audacity when it comes to loving the other with whom we are in relationship? How are we using that audacity when we find ourselves a part of something that is bigger than just our singular selves? And how will that decision affect the relationship, inner circle, and community that we are in?

Hopefully we will be like the women of Neo Soul. They recognize the fact that they need their partner, in the midst of successful independence, so the community can thrive.  And they are willing to do what is needed to make a love so needed, right. 

Are you?  

~Stephanie Duzant

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