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At a conference in Lake Tahoe, the CEO of Google stated that humans create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of humanity until 2003.   All this external stimuli can feel a bit overwhelming. In an attempt to keep up, our minds are forced to remain constantly active as we sort through the world around us. The buzz of our cell phones, the ding of our emails, and the sound of the news notifications on our laptops are now a part of the everyday life, tempting us to plunge into this endless stream of information and noise.

It is a counter-cultural act to step out of this bombardment. In a world filled with sound and words, we forget that silence is even a possibility. Within the extra-canonical texts, we find an invitation back to silence.

In the Gospel of Egyptians, it is out of silence that all life emerges. When we rest in Silence either through meditation or another form of contemplation, we find that the inner-life emerges from silence as well. What if we remained as open to what arises from the inside as we did to what comes at us from the outside? The Bible speaks of the still small voice of the Divine that is waiting to guide us.  

Out of the Silence, we can hear it.

~John Rogers

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