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“What rules me has been slain, and what turns me has been destroyed, and my desire has been filled, and ignorance has died.  In a world I was released from a world…and from the chain of forgetfulness…  From this hour on…I will rest in silence.”

~The Soul, "The Gospel of Mary"

In the Gospel of Mary, we find Jesus followers, in the wake of his death, asking Mary to share a teaching from him which was given to her and to her alone.  As part of this teaching, Mary describes the ascent of the Soul as it journeys through the Powers of the world—the powers of Darkness, Desire, Eagerness for Death, the Realm of the Flesh, the Foolish Wisdom of the Flesh, and Wrathful Wisdom.  The Soul cracks the code of these powers, using her trickstery wisdom to move both through and beyond them.  Finally, upon the completion of her journey through the Powers, the Soul finds rest.

What do you make of these powers the Soul ascends through?  Do you see any of these powers at work today?

Are you struggling with, at odds with, or feeling trapped by any of the Powers the Soul encounters?  Are there other, different Powers, you find yourself contending with?

How might you envision yourself moving through these Powers?  What would it take to shift your perspective in order to release their control?  

Where, in your own life, do you find rest?

~Celene Lillie

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