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Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the Temple. 

~Acts of the Apostles 2:46a

This picture of Jesus’s disciples after his ascension seems poignant and strategic. The disciples are in a shaky position. Jesus having been tortured to death still hangs in the air. Some have seen the risen Jesus, but now he is gone. There is both new energy and continued fear. 

In Acts 2:46-47, we find their regular routine. The first thing on the list was to go to the Temple, probably a mixed experience for them. The Temple leaders were in league with the Roman invaders of their country. The Temple was far from pure. Nonetheless, it was where people had found worship and community for some 500 years.

So the disciples went regularly. And found some comfort and orientation in its beauty, history, and prayers as they remember who they were. 

Churches in this century are often comprised in much the same way.  But, these days, I still find myself needing the solace and orientation of church, even if imperfect. I do not listen closely to sermons as much, but find comfort and orientation through more basic worship. 

Like communion and eucharist. 

Sitting in silence in a beautiful place. 

Going to coffee hour after worship.

Singing (most) of the songs

But even with these practices, I skip the places where things get in the way of claiming the space. 

Here’s hoping this might help you along too.

~Hal Taussig

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