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Look! The Lord is our mirror,

Open your eyes and see them in him.

Learn the manner of your faces,

And announce praises to his Spirit.

Wipe the dirt from your faces.

Love the Lord’s holiness and put it on.

Then you will not, at any time, be blemished in front of him.


~Ode of Solomon 13

What if… there was a theology of Self Centeredness with love as its base? 

Yes, I said Self Centeredness.

Not self-awareness.

Not self-development.

Not even self-care, but a theology where the focus of your belief in God was based on how you could be to yourself, all the things that Christ said he would be to those who believe.

And if we base this theology in love, then could we, maybe, understand that truly loving yourself means the emphatic necessity to love your neighbor; since loving your neighbor leads yourself to be loved by your neighbor…even if it is another neighbor doing the loving?

What if…we did as the odist instructs, letting the Lord [Christ] be the mirrored reflection we see when we dare to truly look at ourselves? 

And what if we recognized that the true manner of our face– the face that’s image is the reflection of Christ– is love, truth, liberation, righteousness, justice and forgiveness? Would we then see that looking at ourselves in any other way becomes the dirt that the odist instructs us to wipe offbecause it is the blemish that keeps us from the true essence of Namaste. 

For can the dark ever interpret the light? 


And…what if…We decided to embrace Radical Holiness?  A Holiness that forces us to love ourselves the way Jesus loves us because that is what he commanded.  A Holiness that demands that we see everyone through an empathetic lens because the only way for grace and mercy to authentically exist in the world is when one’s other foot is wearing the shoe.  A Holiness that makes the self just as important to the community as the community is to the self.

Oh, what a wonderful “What If?” world it would be.

~Stephanie Duzant

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