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A Love Letter from an Evergreen

The Lord is upon my head like a crown

And I will not be without him.

The crown of truth was braided for me

And caused your branches to bloom within me.

For it is not a barren crown that never blooms

But you live upon my head

And blossomed down upon me.

Your fruits are full and overflowing

They are full of your salvation.

~The Odes of Solomon 1

Dear Beautiful One,

Kermit said, “It’s not easy being green”, and nothing could be more true. But at the end of the day I decided, like Kermit, that it was what I wanted to be. I made a decision to stay forever green. Why? Because, again like Kermit, I realized that green was all the good things about living. And I did not want to lose all the good things that made me who I was created to be, just because the weather changed, or the environment I found myself in caused me to be unyielding of the nutrients trees need to thrive.

So, I do internally what evergreens do in the midst of seasonal challenges, I buttress my endurance. I put things in the atmosphere around me that will make it more tolerable for me to be green, when being green is difficult to be.

And know, I answer this call from the Universe, so that We can be.

When the snows are more feet than they are inches, I stand tall letting you know that winter will not consume you.

When you go through the desert lands and long for signs of existence, my moisture filled, sometimes prickly, strength, reminds you that there is life in the midst of dry lands.

When spring comes and you see my flowers bloom, you recognize the beauty in changing up sometimes.

And even when my leaves fall to the ground, know that it is not because I didn’t do all that I could to keep them, but it was just me pruning that which no longer served me, or the Universe. For, I am always willing to be new. I hope that you are too.

With Love,

Forever Green

~Stephanie Duzant

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