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Since there was fear and confusion and instability and division, there were many illusions at work among them. And there was empty ignorance as if they were sleeping and found themselves in disturbing dreams—running someplace or powerless while pursued, coming to blows or themselves beaten, falling from heights or flying through air without wings. Or sometimes as if people are trying to kill them or they are killing their neighbors, smeared with their blood. Until the time, after having all these dreams, they awaken.

~The Gospel of Truth

Much of the Gospel of Truth is filled with images of pleasure, connecting humanity with the divine and the divine with humanity through sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. But in the midst of these sensuous portraits of divine-human contact the equally palpable and nightmarish reality of human violence breaks in. As is so often the case in the living of life, our longed-for visions of pleasure and peace, connection and contentment, are shattered by the hatred, killing, and destruction that surrounds us. In the Gospel of Truth these images exist side-by-side, asking us which one we want to strive for, which one we want to awaken into.

Where do you find yourself in nightmares today? Your own nightmares? The nightmares of others? The nightmares of the world? 

What do these nightmares consist of? What might it mean to awaken from them? 

Can you envision a way of awakening? How might awakening involve the senses of sight? Of smell? Of sound? Of taste? Of touch?


How do you find your senses evoking awakening? And how might the process of awakening evoke these senses?

~Celene Lillie

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