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Many years ago, as a new doctoral student, I remember dreaming along with my advisor Hal Taussig and another colleague, Maia Kotrosits.  We dreamt about what it might look like to have an institute dedicated to exploring the relationship between a wide variety of early Christian literature.  And, using this literature as our guide, we dreamt about discovering new possibilities for meaning making--for understanding the world--both the ancient world and the world today.  It is amazing to see the ways in which this long-held vision has transformed and grown, and has now manifested in this endeavor, the Tanho Center.

Together with many colleagues, churches, academics, lay, public and private groups, we have studied, taught, and learned about these texts with one another.   Through these interactions we have discovered that people across the country are eager to interact with the newly rediscovered texts of early christianity, not only as a way to learn about the rich complexity of the Jesus movement, but as a source of enriching spirituality today. 

We hope the Tanho Center will be a place for people to come together and think about what these texts might mean in a variety of arenas from education to the arts; to use these texts for study and exploration; and how they might lead to renewed spirituality and commitment to the broader world.  Thank you for coming to visit us. We hope you will take this journey forward with us!

Celene Lillie, Ph.D.


Tanho Center for a new New Testament 


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