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From the Tanho Center--a ten-week meditation series to begin and end your week:  

Alive in Troubled Times

Join us in taking a few minutes a day to acknowledge these troubled times and claim a sense of being alive. We find ourselves enlivened by newly discovered ancient texts from the earliest Jesus movements. A new reflection arrives on our website, our Facebook page Monday and Friday for the next nine weeks. Simply like our Facebook page to ensure you don't miss a reflection. 

~Stephanie Duzant, Celene Lillie, Natalie Perkins, John Rogers, Hal Taussig

                                                                Photo Jessie Sargent

Week 4, Monday Meditation

I am the silence never found

And the idea infinitely recalled

I am the voice with countless sounds

And the thousand guises of the word

I am the speaking of my name.

~The Thunder: Perfect Mind

The Thunder: Perfect Mind is a text written in the voice of a female deity. This deity declares divine “I am’s” which weave female and male imagery and juxtapose seemingly contradictory states of being. All of these states of being—from the paradoxical to the profound to the prosaic—hang together in the complicated and complex container of Thunder's voice. 

What are your own “I am’s”? How do they reflect the complicated and rich experience of your own existence?

Which “I am’s” do you show to the world? Which are just for you?

What are the “I am’s” you hold on to for support? The “I am’s” that undergird the most important parts of yourself?

What are the “I am’s” you find uncomfortable? How might you make more space for these?

Are there “I am’s” you’re working to change? Are there new “I am’s” which are in the process of becoming?

~Celene Lillie

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